Solutions & Areas of Expertise


Elevate your healthcare services with Red Axle's extensive industry expertise. From developing HIPAA-compliant information systems and mobile apps to facilitating efficient system integrations and accelerating clinical research, Red Axle delivers innovative, secure, and compliant software solutions to transform your healthcare objectives into reality.

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Finance & Fintech

Take control of your financial technology with Red Axle's industry-specific expertise. From handling complex protocols like FIX and FIXML, developing comprehensive investor relations websites, to ensuring strict SEC and PCI compliance, Red Axle is your trusted partner for secure, efficient, and compliant financial solutions.

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At the intersection of technology and intelligence, Red Axle's AI and Machine Learning expertise takes center stage. With our proficiency in feature extraction, generative AI, and training of AI and ML models, we provide transformative solutions that power innovation, efficiency, and growth in your business.

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Streamline your transactions with Red Axle's POS solutions. Designed for busy and tough environments, integrated with various hardware devices, our secure, reliable, and user-friendly systems cater to diverse businesses, transforming their POS experiences from restaurants and bars to retail and beyond.

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Improve your logistics operations with Red Axle's industry-specific expertise. From optimizing provider networks, enhancing asset tracking, to mastering geolocation operations, Red Axle delivers advanced technology solutions that boost efficiency, increase visibility, and drive growth in your logistics business.

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Real Estate

Red Axle transforms real estate operations with its industry-specific tech expertise. From the development of efficient asset information systems to seamless MLS integrations, Red Axle provides innovative solutions that streamline processes, elevate decision-making, and enhance customer experiences in the real estate market.

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