Accelerating Your Web/Mobile Development Journey: A Client's Guide for Fast Turn-around Times

Jul 14, 2023

Web or mobile app development is a complex process that requires a clear plan, timely decisions, and open communication. As a client, your engagement can significantly impact the timeline of the project. Here are some key strategies to ensure faster turn-around times for your next project.

  1. Have Your Creative Assets Ready:

    The design phase can take a significant amount of time, especially if the creative assets are not ready. Before kick-starting the project, ensure you have all necessary assets such as logos, images, graphics, and fonts readily available. This preparation can speed up the design process and give developers a clear vision of your expectations.

  2. Provide Detailed Requirements:

    Clear and detailed requirements are the backbone of a successful and efficient web development project. Ensure that you provide comprehensive information about the site or app's functionality, design preferences, target audience, and goals. Ambiguity can lead to revisions and delays, so the more specific you can be, the better.

  3. Quick Reviews for Tighter Feedback Loops:

    Timely reviews and feedback can drastically reduce project timelines. Quick, regular check-ins allow for faster course corrections, helping avoid significant rework later in the project. Aim to provide feedback promptly to maintain momentum and keep the project on schedule.

  4. Avoid or Minimize Scope Creep:

    Scope creep - the expansion of a project beyond its initial objectives - is a common cause of delays in software development. To maintain a fast turn-around time, try to avoid introducing new features or changes midway through the project. If changes are necessary, understand that they may extend the timeline, and plan accordingly.

Accelerating a project doesn't mean cutting corners or compromising on quality. Instead, it requires strategic planning, prompt decision-making, and efficient communication. With these tips, you can be well-prepared to work with your dev team and ensure a smoother, faster journey from concept to launch.


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